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Seeking Strong Managers

May 4, 2022 11:43:02 AM

Recently Charlie and I were talking about work I was doing with interviews for a client. As I was reviewing profiles and setting up my standard interview questions, he suggested a list of questions that I must ask all candidates. I had a few on my list already but this one is one I never would have thought to ask, but it surely is something everyone can relate to.

“Can you share your thoughts on what a makes a good and strong manager?”

Go ahead and run through your mind every good manager you have ever worked with. You know what is at the top of that list and how those managers made you feel.

Now, this might elicit some serious feelings, think of any bad managers you have ever worked with. I hope your list of bad managers is short, or maybe non-existent. But if you have had a bad manager, you know exactly what made that manager BAD. You might have had a harder time thinking of a good manager, but you surely can think of a bad manager. I know this is the case for me.

This experience of bad managers is a costly one. This infographic, while a little outdated (2018) so it is probably safe to say this cost must be more now, lays out all the different ways that a bad manager can cost/hurt a company.

cost of a bad manager

So how can you make sure you to avoid having a bad manager on your team?

Train them.

If it is a new hire or a long-time employee, training always helps.

If you are worried about having a less than stellar manager on your team, concerned about managing employees in new hybrid office situation, or compelled to give your managers as much support as possible, this webinar is for you. 

Join us on Wednesday, May 18 at 12 pm EST for a free webinar about management training. This training is set for any manager, not just a sales manager or even the sales industry. This is a little sample of a new program we are enrolling students into. Charlie will be joined by John Condry during this webinar and the management training. 

During this webinar we will cover:

  • New workplace dynamics
    • Reducing fear and encouraging candor; separate facts from feelings and replace cliques and infighting the respect to teamwork
  • Keeping Responsibility where it belongs
    • Counteract people that overpromise, make excuses, reject responsibility complain and lack commitment
  • Leadership
    • Creates, cells and drive vision. Takes charge, pushes for action and installs a sense of urgency.



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