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Silver Linings on a Gray Day

Mar 24, 2020 9:15:00 AM

Yes, I’d much rather not be typing this post, but I can’t worry about what I cannot not change or control. Working from home is not nearly as engaging as standing in front of room of salespeople or even responding electronically to requests for coaching. And making sales calls on people that don’t know when their sales teams will be back in the marketplace feels a bit peculiar to say the least. Two weeks ago, few people thought this is the world we’d be working in today, but here we are.

It is not all doom and gloom though.

The opportunity to slow down arrived at a time when my energy was flagging from a very busy first quarter, and I felt a tad out of control from amount of time spent on planes, trains and automobiles, and nights spent at Marriott properties across the country. Admittedly, I like the travel, but it can overwhelm me at times before I realize the impact. Now it has all come to a screeching halt and I’m sheltering at home and typing this from my bedroom office.

I have time now to breathe, review results and recommit to a business plan. It is time for me to take some of my own medicine and become my own best client. What are the types of engagements and clients that are most profitable, what prospecting generates the best results, what products are being ignored or undersold and how robust is my pipeline for future business? I need to take the time and dive into those questions and find what is real as opposed to what I want to believe. When I’m busy things look good and feel positive. Now that I must stop for a while, I can verify those feelings and decide on next steps forward. I know I can come out of this situation with a clearer sense of where Growth Dynamics is and what needs to be done to take it where I want it to go. Assumptions won’t be good enough.

Yes, I’d rather be back out there, face to face with clients and prospects, but I can’t control that now. What I can control is what I do with the time available today. No sense fighting it, complaining about it or denying it. This is a gift if I decide to look at that way.

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