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Moment of Positive Attitude

Mar 25, 2020 10:22:31 AM

Cherry BlossomsYour attitude is your compass to the future. Imagine if you were one of Christopher Columbus’ three small ships heading off to find the New World over 500 years ago. That leap of faith is amazing when you consider the common belief that the world was flat, and certain death awaited anyone that challenged that paradigm by sailing in search of an unknown destination. Certainly, some of those sailors had moments of doubt as the days slipped by and there was no land in sight. “When will this folly end and our feet will be on terra firma again?” had to be a common question asked in hushed tones.

Today we are waiting for the “new world” to appear before us as this Coronavirus has us all out on a sea of unknown. How long will we be sailing along in social distancing mode waiting for the all clear signal to go back to life as we expect it? I can’t pretend to answer that for anyone, but I do absolutely believe we will find solid ground again. I cannot allow myself to see anything else as an outcome. I know there is a New World out there, and I am not allowing myself to consider turning back

Getting there won’t be easy, my expectations aren’t going to ignore that. If I look back and recall all the challenges I’ve survived it gives me strength and the belief that this too is just the next hurdle I must clear. So, I choose to keep telling myself the present will not determine my future just as the past cannot have that power. This is the ultimate test of minute by minute attitude management, and I know I can pass that test. I know you all can pass it, too.

If you want to cry, scream, whine, bitch or complain I am here for anyone that wants a shoulder to cry on and help you past that momentary hysteria. I won’t do anything but listen and support you, and help you get to the next positive moment.