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We All Should Have 2020 Vision

Dec 21, 2020 6:45:00 AM

Longwood Conservatory

2020 vision, a term that meant something very positive as I was growing up, conjures up an entirely different thought as this year concludes. Normally 2020 vision means your eyesight is excellent with no need for corrective lenses or surgical procedures to see the world around you as it actually exists. After all that happened, I offer that 2020 vision is what we all should have developed as we endured the challenges of this year. All of us have been forced to keep our spirits high, our motivation positive and our commitment strong as the Covid 19 pandemic threw a fast ball, a curve ball, and a knuckleball at us this past March. 2020 gave us all a chance to see how tough you had to be when you had to be tough.

We cannot ignore the ugly reality of 2020; terrible numbers of people have died, millions of people have been infected, scores of people are out of work, and a horrible number of businesses have shuttered. No matter what your perspective about the politics or leadership, we all know people that have been impacted negatively by this condition. And unfortunately, the worst may still be in front of us and the statistics are going to tell a terrible story. My heart goes out to those that are dealing with any of the troubles this pandemic has created.

But we all have a choice to look at the world around us and see that life must go on and business must go on as well. It will require us to all develop 2020 vision.

For me and my little business this means seeing opportunities still exist and businesses still need to grow and perform more efficiently and effectively. There are even more reasons for employers to make better hiring decisions as they look to field the most capable sales teams. Salespeople need to develop skills to deal with limited access and electronic based selling models. C-Suites and management level people face new challenges in communicating with and motivating their employees. 2020 vision means I cannot look at the negative toll of these past 9 months. Growth Dynamics will only survive by being open to looking for and finding the opportunities that will still be there. Our outlook is our choice.

This past year Growth Dynamics has worked with people that have stepped up to the challenge of seeing the changes that took and finding ways to adapt and survive, and in some cases, thrive. Unfortunately, though, our path crossed with others that opted to only see problems and misery. To those people I can only hope they decided to change and fight for a brighter future that they alone can create by believing it still exists if they look long enough. To those that quickly developed 2020 vision, we know you will make 2021 and beyond prosperous and enriching, and we salute you for making the decisions that allow you to stay in control of your future, no matter what.

Photo from Longwood Gardens & Becca Mathias