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Webinar Replay: Kill It or Close It

Dec 18, 2020 9:30:00 AM

If you joined us on Friday, Dec. 11 or had something come up, thank you for your interest in our webinar "Kill It or Close It" presented with Turner Time Management. We are happy to partner with Steve Turner, owner of TTM, as he provides excellent technology time-saving tips and tricks to those he works with. Please be sure to visit his website and learn more about what Steve does. 

We enjoyed meeting new people, seeing familiar faces and partaking in great conversation about everyone's sales processes. We hope the same can be said for you. While Charlie thrives in front of a live instruction situation, ZOOM has afford many of us to get together when previously we would not have had the option. 

While 2020 has been an interesting one, 2021 is right around the corner and setting a strong foundation is important. Growth Dynamics is pleased to have a session of High-Performance Sales starting in January and a brand new program, Corner Stones of Sales Management, also launching in January. 

If you wanted to watch, or re-watch, the full webinar you now can. The full morning session (we hosted two) is now available below or on our YouTube channel. The slide presentation is also available to you here

If there was anything presented that you would like clarity on, struck a chord with what you are feeling in terms of your sales process or perhaps you are ready to level up in your goals, consider speaking with Charlie or Sarah.

Contact Sarah to set up a quick 15-minute phone call with Charlie. If it makes sense to talk business after that first call, we will. If we find out we don't have the program you are looking for, that's ok too.