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Where have all the applicants gone?

May 2, 2019 8:10:00 AM

If you are like us, looking to hire, are you confused by how your process is going? 

We have had plenty of interest and applicants in our open sales position. It's the next steps where those interested applicants fall off. Most haven't responded to my contact or followed-up on the next step in the process. I've been banging my head against the wall thinking maybe I'm not doing enough or the messaging isn't right. 

Enter our Indeed customer service rep. After sharing frustrations with him this week he let me know we aren't alone! This epidemic is sweeping across the country and nearly all employers are facing the exact same challenges. He gave some tips on how to work through the next steps process and wished us well. 

The question for some becomes is a warm body better than no body? The answer for us is a definite no. We think that should be your answer too. Do you remember our post about the cost of change? Go give it a read if you don't and image taking the next person that applies as your hire. What if that hire does't work out? Be prepared for an expensive do-over with dollars, time and needing to reintroduce your clients to another new face. 

If a warm body is not better than a bad or no body- how do we handle making sure the right hire is made? For us, anyone who applies is sent an OMG sales candidate assessment. So far we have disqualified a few candidates simply from this assessment. 

Also, I've changed up my first contact next steps email to include the OMG link as opposed to sending it to them after asking the candidate to email me. 

Finally I'll start making phone calls to new candidates if they look like someone we want to make sure takes the OMG assessment. Not every candidate will get a phone call as they don't look qualified but this extra step on my part could help us nail down the one candidate we do need. 

One new service we are offering to those looking to make hires by helping you identify possible talent that is open to new opportunities in your given area. We are not looking to be a recruiter for you, but hope this service can give you a leg up on knowing where to even get started. 

How can we help you on your talent search? Reach out and share what is working, what might need changing and the positions you are looking to fill.