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Fast Tip Friday: Let the Science Guide You

Aug 5, 2022 7:00:00 AM



Hey, welcome back! Another Fast Tip Friday, Charlie Hauck Growth Dynamics, trying to share some experience and possibly some wisdom with you as you go about your business development career.

Either as a person out there on the street trying to collect decisions, win some orders, do business with people, or whether or not you're a manager or sales leader in your company, or you maybe self-employed in sales, it doesn't matter.

I wanted to share an idea with you that is a very important part of our business, here at Growth Dynamics. We're really big believers of using the science around business development and people to help us,

A: improve the learning experience for our clients
B: to help some of our clients make better selections on who they add to their team.

One of the things that I have to admit, drives me a little bit crazy, when I'm out in the business world talking to business owners, people that are responsible for picking successful people, not just any person, but successful people add to their team, it's the lack of willingness to get out of their own way and let science either prove a story right or prove a story wrong about what a candidate most likely will or will not do, once they're on your payroll.

We're big believers in using two instruments. I've spoken in the past about using DISC assessments. They're just awesomely powerful instruments, when they're administered correctly, when they're shared correctly, when they're explained correctly. That means not overvaluing that information as much as putting value in it.

But another instrument that we use, particularly when dealing with sales forces, is basically a full body scan of a salesperson or a sales organization. It's giving you that data behind your instinct about whether a person is or is not going to be, or has been, as high a performer as you'd like to believe they are or will be on your team. It's a tough business out there and one of the toughest things is getting the people that are tough enough to play in this arena. So rather than allow our instincts, and yes, our experience, I've been in sales, basically for 45 years. I know what a good salesperson looks like. But I know what they look like on the outside and what I can't see is what they're thinking on the inside.

So, we ask any and all of you that are involved in hiring and selecting talent, to get out of your own way, to put your ego in a box, to not think that you just know good salespeople when you see them and, in a way, bet on yourself and spend some money and test people.
Use an instrument that's truly predictive about what a salesperson can and will do and whether or not they can and will do it inside your sales environment and your sales culture. Not all sales are alike. Not all salesmen are alike. So, not all sales people, that succeed in one arena, will be successful in another.

So, I'm just asking all of you to use the benefit of the science that's available to make better hires, that make you a better company and allow these individuals to lead a more successful and prosperous life. Which really should be part of our mission as employers, no matter what job somebody is in.

Look, you can go on and you share your frustrations about how hard it is to find good people, how all resumes have the same BS in them. Nobody's resume says they suck at anything. Or you can look at the resume, see if it's close enough to what you're looking for, and then take the next step and use the science that's available, whether or not you use the tools that we use.

We're TTI for DISC. OMG for sales assessments.

Get out of your own way and let science do what science can prove. Thanks for listening. Thanks for considering making an improvement to your hiring process. It will make you money and it will make your life easier as a sales performer or a sales manager and sales leader.

Thanks again. Take care, go make money, good selling.

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