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Podcast: How to Get on a Roll

Jun 10, 2024 7:05:00 AM



Matt is looking at his calendar and doing some planning, knowing that many things he does look too much like random acts of mindless behavior. Looking back on past months, he feels like he was scrambling and playing catch up all the time instead of having that feeling that he had some deliberate control of his actions. He wants to get back that feeling of being on a roll, where it's like running downhill instead of uphill all the time.


Sure, the numbers will speak for themselves, but he also understands that the numbers will come a lot easier if he has a mental plan that will give him some momentum. In the past, he was more in a state of denial that forced him to accept certain conditions and self-behaviors that mired him in mediocrity. He knows he has to start NOW if he wants to break the cycle and he is NOT going to let the inevitable distractions prevent him from making a plan that directs his actions. 


Matt is going to focus on the big picture and avoid getting distracted by all the minor and non-productive sights he may run into along the path. He knows that making a change will not happen overnight and that he is going to have to go through smaller steps first, if he has a chance of turning things around.

In order to get on a roll, Matt is going to commit to the following sequence of thoughts and actions:

  • Start with a vision, goals and plans based on principles and discipline in order to develop more control of his life.
  • Expect to then become more self-assured, courageous and action-oriented in what he attempts. 
  • Anticipate success, and generate a pioneering spirit toward trying new things. 
  • Begin to realize steady growth in his personal and business life to the extent that he wants to track his progress so he can keep it moving in the right direction and catch any problems early.
  • As these things happen, it generates a positive attitude and pride in his accomplishments along with accepting responsibility for whatever happens, good or bad. 
  • An abundance mentality begins to develop as he becomes aware that there is plenty more out there he can do and achieve.

All of these factors combine to give him very high self- confidence in his ability to produce a life of quality for himself and loved ones moving forward.

Critical Thinking

How can you "Act as if" and get yourself on a roll? What changes can you commit to in the next 90 days to help you achieve more success in either your personal or professional life?

The Drill
Final Thought for the Morning:

"There are risks and costs to a program of action but, they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction."
― President John F. Kennedy

"He who is outside his door already has a hard part of his journey behind him."
 Dutch Proverb

Your Top 3 Goals & Tactics for the Week
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