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Testimonial: Gianna

Feb 6, 2022 5:43:43 PM

This recent testimonial comes from one of our newer students Gianna. Gianna is a recent college graduate and was hired for her first sales role before her college commencement even took place.

Lucky for her, her employer enrolled her into our High-Performance Sales Program (HPSP) in her first month on the job. Since her start she has made every session of HPSP, scheduled individual coaching and committed to the process we shared with her. 

The clip above comes from a bi-weekly session of HPSP where students are able to share projects they are working on, struggles and, in this case, successes. 

Keep up the good work, Gianna. 

If you are wondering what magic Gianna uses or the voodoo that Growth Dynamics teaches in each session, let's chat. We have a new session of HPSP starting on Feb. 16. 


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