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Podcast: Regain Control

By Monday Morning Manager on Jul 13, 2020 6:45:00 AM



Jody was driving away from her newly won account with that smirky smile of satisfaction on her face. She had walked her way through the process from the referral stage, onto discovery and fact finding, then qualification with a commitment to act one way or another, and finally the agreement to do business together.

She knew her self-satisfaction was a result of the actions she took only a few short weeks ago, after several nightmare appointments almost sent her to rock bottom. During those calls, she had been nervous about her lack of preparation and from not knowing where she was in her own sales cycle. All that should have been done did not get done because she kept telling herself she was "too busy" to spend the needed time on any one aspect of her business.

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Benchmarking Basics: Everything You Need to Know

By TTI on Jul 9, 2020 12:54:31 PM

With the workplace more turbulent than ever, it's important to make sure every hire and position is filled with a quality candidate.

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Round Table: The Impact of COVID-19 on Commercial Real Estate

By Sarah Waple on Jul 7, 2020 4:23:37 PM

Join us for a webinar with Chester County, PA professionals to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the commercial real estate market.  Learn about recent developments and trends in the field from the perspective of a commercial real estate agent, banker, and attorney.

Panelists include: Nicole Lyddane (Swope Lees) Geoff Sheehan (Meridian Bank) Duie Latta (Clarion Law) Moderated by Chris Perillo (RKL, LLP) and Charlie Hauck (Growth Dynamics).

We will discuss how the COVID-19 environment has changed the lease, purchase, and sale of commercial real estate, including offers, due diligence, financing, and closing.

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Podcast: Wizard of Oz

By Monday Morning Manager on Jul 6, 2020 6:30:00 AM



Ellen felt blah, like the world’s color had vanished and everything was stuck between black and white in some all gray tones of reality. After 12 long weeks of working from home and trying to force herself to keep fighting the fight, Ellen’s commitment sagged to its lowest point ever. The constant barrage of virtual meetings and remote access sales calls created a sense that the sales world no longer felt like the same place she was so excited about three long months ago. Was this it? Was post pandemic selling how people were actually going to be doing business? Was Ellen’s personal touch and ability to connect with her customers going to be limited to email, voice mail and ZOOM interactions? To Ellen it all looked like the world had turned Battleship Gray faster than she could believe, and no, she did not like that color at all.

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Podcast: 2020 Mid-Year Review

By Monday Morning Manager on Jun 29, 2020 6:45:00 AM


Monday Morning Manager


Mark is looking at his schedule and realizing the July 4th holiday is just days away.  Oh, Oh! Is the quarter really almost over? And the year is half over too. The sales reports are bound to follow, and he is determined not to let his performance slip away. Mark has decided it's time to review and get his game plan back on track. 

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It's Not A Conditions Problem

By Sarah Waple on Jun 28, 2020 8:47:23 PM

We've all heard it before- it's the market conditions that are making it hard for me to __________. Fill in that blank with any of your favorite or least favorite sales challenges- setting appointments, prospecting, closing, shipping, getting PO's, sending quotes or finding projects to quote. 

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Podcast Featured As Top 60 For Salespeople in 2020

By Sarah Waple on Jun 24, 2020 2:45:24 PM

It feels like there are so many LISTS all the time proclaiming the best, the worst, the most needed or wasted items of any given time period. 

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Podcast: What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

By Monday Morning Manager on Jun 22, 2020 6:45:00 AM


Jerry never felt compelled to trust or rely on technology. In his opinion nothing beats getting out there and looking someone in the eye or at least picking up the phone and chatting live with a prospect or a customer. No one ever refused to do business with Jerry, and in many of his customers’ locations he had free rein to essentially come and go as he pleased. No way email could be that important as long as Jerry could walk in, pull up a chair and talk about personal “stuff” before staring his pitch. Jerry thought email and all this new “webinar” and virtual selling stuff was just more trouble than it was worth and never going to be as important as that face to face visit. Jerry stuck to his guns and even managed to get one of the inside team to transcribe his emails, so he was not forced to adopt that new-fangled irritation into his sales game. And then Covid-19 arrived, and Jerry was lost.

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Podcast: Top of funnel vs bottom of funnel

By Monday Morning Manager on Jun 15, 2020 6:30:00 AM


Erin looked at her monthly sales report and did not like what she saw. Despite working harder than she had all year, the numbers told Erin that she could forget about getting her quarterly bonus. It seemed like each quarter turned out the same; one month that Erin thought would carry her to a bonus and two months that fell short. The pattern was frustrating for Erin as she tried to figure a way to break into the top performer group in her office. It seemed like all the wins she posted in the one good month stole the time she needed to prospect for the other two months. Besides, how could anyone be expected to stop the customer service fire drills that popped up all the time? Erin was beginning to feel trapped.

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Prevent Burnout Based on Your Communication Style

By TTI on Jun 11, 2020 11:38:05 AM

The last few months have certainly been interesting. Charlie and I have seen ourselves thrive in some aspects, but also face a little burnout in others. We think the same can be said for many of the people we interact with regularly. 

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